Zhangyi Danshagio Park: The Unseen Beauty of Zhangyi, China

Zhangyi Danshagio Park: The Unseen Beauty of Zhangyi, China

Zhangyi Danshagio Park: The Unseen Beauty of Zhangyi, China

Zhang danshagio park china while northern China may not be the most popular tourist destination out there it's in fact home to one of the most beautiful geographic areas in the world known as the zhang danshagio park.

The Zhangyi Danshagio Park

So what is a danshagio park? It's a small, peaceful island found in the middle of the mighty Yellow Sea which is also known as the East Sea. 
As most people know the Chinese custom of travelling when people die they are either buried or cremated on the mainland and they are given a symbolic grave such as tangerine or a brass plate. 

But what if instead of going back to the mainland with a coffin they were given a tombstone? That is what a danshagio tombstone is. 

Danshagio is a Chinese word that means “peaceful eternity” As you can see, there is no engraved name on the tombstone, it just has a photo of a tangerine. 

The “moonlight” on the top of the tombstone symbolizes the soul of the deceased, while the figure on the left symbolizes that person's wife.

The Unseen Beauty of Zhangyi

The Hidden Gem of Zhangyi, China Zhangyi Danshagio Park is a hidden gem of natural beauty in Zhangyi, China. 

Zhang Danshagio Park: The Nature of Zhangyi The Zhangyi Danshagio Park is hidden away in the north of China away from the crowd. 

Zhang Danshagio Park: The History of Zhangyi Zhangyi is more than a million years old. Zhang Danshagio Park: The Picturesque The Zhangyi Danshagio Park is home to spectacular mountain views. 
Zhang Danshagio Park: The Landscape of Zhangyi The Zhangyi Danshagio Park is known for its endless views and majestic scenery. 

Zhang Danshagio Park: The Happy People of Zhangyi The Danshagio Park is home to vibrant and youthful culture.

What Makes Zhangyi Different?

the full stretch of land is divided into three segments. these segments are Deqi danshagio Park: Zhangyi's longest. Nearly 500 feet at its widest point this segment is the perfect setting for shooting sunrise and sunset. 

Shaoyunlu danshagio Park: A lesser-travelled section. Located in the centre of the park it's only about 150 feet wide but it's about the most popular section as it's the most photogenic and a few photographers have even said it's the "best section in northern china"! 

Photographers Like to Share Their Experience: The top pictures in this section are from a photographer named Allen Montague and he's got more than 8,000 likes on Facebook for his shot of 

"The Green Wall" is one of the most popular areas in zhang danshagio park.

Surprising Facts About Zhangyi

Regarding the arrangement of the temples in the zhang danshagio park, it's believed to be taken from a collection of images from the Warring States period during the 3rd century BC. 

Those ancient images of statues, animals, and buildings were found during an archaeological excavation in the 19th century but have since been retained. 

The water areas have become a popular site for photoshoots since the ancient and modern scenes are complete one after the other. 

Many tourists and local residents have created a market for souvenirs by spending their days posing for photos with fake flowers or other memorabilia.


Like I said before a lot of this is largely opinion driven on my part but regardless if you disagree or agree with some of the items I've discussed here, 

at least you will know that you're far from alone on these issues, and perhaps you'll never feel the need to seek me out in public and make a spectacle of me by asking if I can paint your shoes. 

So as an alternative to what I'm about to do, please just go about your day with the knowledge that someone else out there feels like you.

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