The Best Places to Go Fishing in Alberta, Canada

The Best Places to Go Fishing in Alberta, Canada

 The Best Places to Go Fishing in Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Canada
Alberta is a province in Western Canada. Its landscape encompasses mountains, prairies, desert badlands, and vast coniferous forests. 

It has more than 600 lakes and rich mineral deposits. In the west, the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks have glaciers in the Columbia Icefields. 

The Waterton Glacier International Peace Park is a biosphere reserve that straddles the southern border with the USA.

Alberta is full of freshwater

Only a few hours drive east of Calgary, there are 10,500-foot peaks called the Rocky Mountains. 

The area is covered in one-inch-thick ice that is at least 600 million years old. It covers 55% of Alberta and is the source of about 85% of the province’s freshwater. 

The largest glacier in North America, Mount Athabasca, is in the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. 

Alberta is also home to Rocky Mountain wildflowers and a whole ecosystem of trees that only grow on the continent. Cypress, birch, poplar, pine, and spruce grow wild in the forests in all areas of Alberta. 

Water is one of Alberta’s most valuable resources. More than 95% of the water in the province is frozen in glaciers and snow.

Alberta has a long history of fishing

There is a definite connection between fishing and the land and the resources that they offer. 

It can be a way to understand how the earthworks, and how people adapt to their environment. 

Over 1,600 lakes in Alberta were named in the national geological survey in the late 1960s. 

There are more than 1,200 surface water fishing lakes and over 1,000 freshwater fishing lakes, and it is considered a wildlife-rich region with a great variety of gamefish. 

The First Nations have used the lakes for thousands of years, from hunting to fishing to hunting and gathering. 

The First Nations people are the indigenous people of Canada. They are related to those in New Zealand and Australia.

The best places to go fishing in Alberta

As with most other provinces in Western Canada, fishing is a huge part of the culture in Alberta. 

There are over 650 lakes and reservoirs in the province, with 88 within the Waterton Biosphere. 

In the summer, many of these lakes are lined with blue, puffy clouds and with great hiking trails. 

Some of the major fishing lakes in Alberta include: In the east of the province, three river systems flow south through forest and farmland into the waters of Lake Athabasca, the largest freshwater lake in Canada. 

The Athabasca River, Lesser Slave River, and Mackenzie River meet at Athabasca Falls on the eastern edge of Lake Athabasca. The provincial park system in Alberta is extensive and varied.


Alberta is one of the largest Canadian provinces. It is home to beautiful natural landscapes, excellent quality of life, and a vibrant economic and cultural life. 

When travelling to the area, it is best to plan your trip well in advance.

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