The 10 Best Maldives Resorts: The Ultimate Guide

The 10 Best Maldives Resorts: The Ultimate Guide

 The 10 Best Maldives Resorts: The Ultimate Guide

Maldives Resorts
A Maldives holiday is a blend of luxury and recreation and the selection of a resort should be based on a combination of location, facilities, facilities, services, facilities, price, comfort, and location. 

Every detail contributes towards a memorable experience and the experience is everything. With over 700 islands, there are so many unique beaches to choose from. 

The open sea, the towering mountains, the turquoise lagoon, the banana plantation, the overhanging palm trees, are all views that make a Maldives holiday so enjoyable. 

On those beautiful islands, you can walk to a view of the ocean, get away from the noise and the bustle, eat with a view, drink with a view, sleep with a view and wake up to a view.

The Top 10 Maldives Resorts

10. Coco Beach Resort & Villas – Cocoa Beach The fact that Cocoa Beach has two very prestigious brands under one roof is a reflection of its success in the tourism industry. 

It started as a villa hotel, but it has transformed into a chic hotel with excellent service in that it provides a first-rate package for both couples and families. 

Some other value-added services and amenities include various options of activities like a massage spa, a beauty spa, a kids’ club, and an Italian ice-cream parlour. 

The activities aren’t just limited to children; adults also need to get off their comfort zone and try out this wonderful tropical island. 

The direct flights from Mumbai and Delhi add more to the reason.

The Maldives – a Paradise Island

Located on the southwest Indian Ocean, around 2,290 kilometres from Cape Town, Maldives is considered to be the largest collection of atolls and 1,192 islands in the world. 

The archipelago is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world and is particularly famous for the crystal blue waters, stunning beaches, and lovely clear waters. 

A highlight of the Maldives is the eco-friendly hotels and resorts, which are often built on tiny islands or small coral reefs. 

As a result, all of the hotels feature waterfalls, saltwater pools, fishing boats, and jet skis, making the Maldives more suitable for adventures than a beach holiday.

The Perfect Holiday for Everyone

Many travellers say that the Maldives is the perfect holiday destination for everyone. For those who love to party and don't mind their activities taking place in the water, Sandals, and Puravida are the perfect choices. 

If you like to have a good time under the sea and see the colourful fishes and wildlife, stay at Boodles. 

If you prefer enjoying the Maldivian nature in your home and swimming or boating, stay at The Sanctuary. Location plays a big part in choosing the ideal Maldivian holiday resort. 

After spending a long time abroad, travellers begin to miss the comforts of home.

A Few of the Best Activities in the Maldives

Of course, for some, it is a lot easier to just float around in a private boat, surf a big wave, or relax on a beach. 

When you are done with the latter, enjoy a great coffee on a perfect wooden deck, sip your favourite drink in a lively swimming pool or in front of a fireplace as night falls. 

The activities in the Maldives are never-ending. And of course, the stunning white sand and turquoise clear waters of the Maldives will be the first thing that catches your attention. 

And after an evening of relaxation, a dinner, or a movie, you will find yourself up early in the morning, ready to discover the world around you. 

As for those who are in search of a great hotel, you should know that all of the options listed here have outstanding facilities.


The Maldives is a nation of rich cultural traditions, that contains a marvellous mixture of African, Asian, and European influences. 

More than you will find on the list of the world's top holiday destinations, you will find an opportunity to get to know the essence of a rich country. 

Go there and you will certainly love it. And why not? It is a luxurious paradise and we've presented ten of the best resorts and luxurious villas that you can choose from. 

So you should definitely make your way there.

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