Planning a Trip to Zanzibar: The Best Places To Visit

Planning a Trip to Zanzibar: The Best Places To Visit

 Planning a Trip to Zanzibar: The Best Places To Visit

Unguja, also known as Zanzibar Island, is the main island in the Tanzanian archipelago of Zanzibar. Stone Town, part of Zanzibar City, is an old trade centre, with mosques and winding lanes. 

The 1883 House of Wonders is a former sultan’s palace with a clock tower. The Old Fort now houses a cultural centre and a stone amphitheatre. 

Underground aqueducts fed hot water to the late-19th-century Hamamni Persian Baths.

Planning a Trip to Zanzibar

Among the touristy sites, there are also several historical sites, in particular, Fort Christopher, the eighteenth-century Zanzibari fort on Unguja Island. 

Old Stone Town is the home of over 700 houses, beautifully built using several styles from different parts of the world, 

but mainly from East Africa, especially Kilimanjaro, Ruvuma, and Manyara. Waterfall Fort Christopher Lemini Beach Mau Island Numbani Lodge & Cave Spring Zanzibar National Park Teinzi Rock About Zanzibar: Zanzibar is an archipelago of islands off the coast of Tanzania.

Where You Should Stay

Your first choice is the Hilton Zanzibar Beach Resort, a budget property with clean, affordable rooms and a pool. 

It’s located at the centre of the main strip and very convenient to the beach. Dar es Salaam is 45 minutes away by tarmac and roads are still in good shape. 

However, Dar es Salaam isn’t like what you’ve seen in countless travel brochures; don’t be surprised if you see people scurrying along the street in the rain. 

An important component of any trip to Tanzania is the food. Therefore, look for places with excellent local restaurants, like the Arusha Suite Hotel and Zanzibar Night Hotel. 

Zanzibar Start the day at Rum House, where drinks like the blackcurrant and mithai rum soda are produced from natural ingredients, with no added sugar or flavourings.

Where You Should Eat

Not to be confused with the world’s second-largest meatball (a giant meatball served at a ballpark in Tokyo called Nippon-Ya-Hana Station), pork bun is a sweet, breaded meatball wrapped in a yuzu jelly. 

The restaurant Taipan in Stone Town serves a hearty dish of beef cubes, beef intestines, beef heart, beef liver, and other mince-meat-meets-pork entrees. 

No. 1 Cuisine in Unguja was a fine diner known for fabulous beef rendang, though the restaurant closed in 2015. In Stone Town, the group New Bazaar is well-known for its chicken cooked on a spit. 

A few blocks away is Tawaka Restaurant and Bazaar, where fish and shrimp are cooked in a combination of Indian spices and Chinese ginger, accompanied by fresh coconut milk and vegetable skewers.

What To Do In Stone Town

The Stone Town bazaar is crowded with hawkers and street performers. Most of the little restaurants here are old family-run affairs. 

See Islamic art in the Kasambari Museum and religious architecture at the sultan’s mosques. The Spice Market is known for its rows of wooden clapboard spice palaces. 

It’s a good place to buy spices, herbs, and condiments. A few of the spice towers are open for touring, but the rest are not. If you go to Stone Town: 

The oldest museum on Zanzibar is the Museum of Zanzibar Antiquities, which is housed in the former palace of Sultan Mpuga was Dimba (1799-1848). 

The palace grounds are also home to the Old Fort, the Palace of Sultan Majid Balimbing, the Stone Bridge, and the Clock Tower.

What To Do Elsewhere On The Island

In terms of things to do, there are many things to do in the archipelago. The Kasungu Highlands are near Zanzibar City. 

There are, in the mountains, limestone caves with stalactites and stalagmites, and many other natural wonders. 

Zanzibar National Park is an island park that runs along the coast between Unguja and Pemba. In the water, crocodiles and hippopotamuses are common. Swimming is prohibited in the park. 

There are many other islands in the archipelago, including the privately-owned Kilwa and Pemba. Most visitors get to these islands by cruise ship. 

Zanzibar offers a wealth of seafood, and many restaurants will offer a variety of options. 

What To Do In Zanzibar Before Visiting For anyone in love with the Arab culture, attending a Hawawalili dance performance is a must-see.


Zanzibar was initially known for its British rule but these days it is also known for its nightlife and beautiful natural surroundings, it's the perfect holiday destination for both young and old.

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