Palawan, Philippines: The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Palawan, Philippines: The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Palawan, Philippines: The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Palawan, officially the Province of Palawan, is an archipelagic province of the Philippines that is located in the region of Mimaropa. 

It is the largest province in the country in terms of the total area of jurisdiction.

Palawan is the perfect honeymoon destination

The province is about a 9-hour flight from Singapore and 15 hours from Manila. 

It is a dream honeymoon destination as you are going to experience the lush green fields, crystal clear waters, and the magical bioluminescence of the marine life, and stay in the exquisite natural attractions. 

You can visit one of the best resorts or stay in the ‘Perfect Honeymoon Resort’ Stay in one of the most beautiful and luxurious honeymoon hotels in Palawan:

 • Dreamland Palawan Resort & Spa 

• Rainbow Bay Resort & Villas 

• Shangri-La's Palawan Resort & Spa 

• Joao Beach Resort 

• Mattanatis Beach Resort 

• Monte Santa Maria Beach Resort The climate of Palawan is warm all year round.

The best time to visit Palawan

While many people have probably heard of Palawan, most do not know of its numerous choices for vacationing. 

This is especially true if you are planning to vacation for the peak season of your favourite attraction in the Philippines, as it will become difficult to get tickets during peak season. 

You can either visit during the non-peak season, or during the summertime, when the Philippines is experiencing heat waves and long periods of cloudy weather. Hot and humid During the peak season, the sea is rough and the water is often covered in jellyfish. 

This is why Palawan has a reputation for being a beach destination of choice. The scenery and wildlife are unique and stunning. 

However, it is also very hot and humid in the summer, as it is in the other areas of the Philippines.

What to do in Palawan

If you're thinking of honeymooning in the Philippines, the island of Palawan is your best bet for making your travel dreams come true. 

This paradise of serenity is a favourite amongst honeymooners due to its idyllic scenery, crystal clear waters, and secluded beaches. 

If you're a romantic, take your special someone to this lush tropical island where each beach and the palms are coloured with beautiful pastels. 

After spending hours making out on a tropical beach, lie back and close your eyes as the warm waters lap at your feet. 

With its warm, balmy weather, luscious green landscapes, myriad nature, and water activities, and trendy bars, cafes, clubs, and hotels, Palawan is a perfect honeymoon destination for you.

How to get to Palawan

The most popular ways to travel to Palawan include air travel, small sea transport (typically 12 to 14 hours depending on destination), and land travel by public road. 

Local tourism operators provide limited private charter travel to the province. Generally, flights are scheduled well in advance and start at around US$500. 

The jetty of Puerto Princesa City has been the busiest port in the region and the daily arrivals of bulk ships have been limited to seven to eight. (Read: 15 Inspiring Eco Destinations in Asia) Accommodation in Palawan There is no shortage of accommodation options in Palawan. 

The beaches and island resorts are renowned for their ocean views and quality services.

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