Cape Town: 6 Reasons Why You'll Love It

Cape Town: 6 Reasons Why You'll Love It

Cape Town: 6 Reasons Why You'll Love It

Cape Town is a port city on South Africa’s southwest coast, on a peninsula beneath the imposing Table Mountain. 

Slowly rotating cable cars climb to the mountain’s flat top, from which there are sweeping views of the city, the busy harbour, and boats heading for Robben Island, the notorious prison that once held Nelson Mandela, which is now a living museum.

The Table Mountain

It was once a single, massive block of granite, 400 feet high with the Cape Town city centre nestled just under its apex. 

At its base, however, is a hotbed of arts and culture. The city’s Opera House and the Natural History Museum draw visitors from all over. 

New restaurants are opening up all the time, creating a new scene with a rapidly evolving skyline. Hang Out With Mickey And Minnie South Africa has a sizable Disney presence. 

Fans of the mouse will be rewarded for their efforts with opportunities to meet Disney characters in Cape Town. Take a Boat to Robben Island On Robben Island, one of the most famous of the medieval prison complexes, Mandela spent 18 of his 27 years in jail.

The culture

In this city, “Jazz” is an industry. Cape Town is home to about 1,000 jazz clubs, and at least two jazz festivals. 

And while it’s been known as a popular spot for tourists seeking fine dining, there’s an entire waterfront restaurant district dedicated to serving Afrikaner, Cape Malay, and indigenous cuisine. 

As the largest city in South Africa and the seat of the Cape Times, Cape Town is the centre of the country’s media. 

The Cape Times is the primary newspaper of the Western Cape province, and the Cape Argus is the primary newspaper of the Northern Cape province. 

The Nightlife Cape Town’s bars and nightclubs have been known as the epicentre of South Africa’s “crazy nightlife,” so it’s not surprising that the city has some of the most exclusive clubs and bars.

The Food

Cape Town has a long history of fishing, seafood, and wine. In particular, the city boasts excellent oysters, scallops, seafood, and ceviche. 

Tourism The ocean views are most striking in Cape Town, but its volcanic mountains and wineries are drawing visitors. 

The majestic Table Mountain rises to 592 meters (about 2083 feet), almost the same height as Mount Everest. 

The city is surrounded by verdant mountains and fynbos, a mix of open, scrubby forests and shrubs. 

In an effort to attract more visitors, the city has introduced the Yeoville Gallop, a carnival with a funfair that takes place on Yeoville’s main street on April 30. 

Thousands of people are expected to attend the celebration that promises free entertainment and a family-friendly atmosphere.

The people

It’s easy to feel at home in Cape Town, where people have been a mix of European and African for generations. 

Afrikaans is the predominant language spoken in the city, but there are many local languages: Xhosa, a Bantu language; Sotho, which is spoken by around 20 per cent of the population; and Afrikaans. 

The city is also home to many old South African families that have been in the area for generations. 

The township of Cape Town is a city of neighbourhoods, with each neighbourhood having its own unique flavour and vibe. 

It’s the kind of place where you can stroll the streets, dip your toes in the beautiful ocean waters, shop in bazaars, and have a meal at a downtown restaurant that not only cooks the best oxtail in the country but serves you as much wine as you can eat.

The beaches

The first thing you’ll notice after flying in is the ocean. 

The Atlantic Ocean really does run into the Indian Ocean, so there are two names for the same body of water, and the white sand beaches facing Cape Town’s historic centre are some of the most beautiful in the world. 

The city of Cape Town is home to several world-class beaches one of the oldest and most popular, Camps Bay, is a short walk from downtown. 

The town also has a number of white sand beaches inland. Cape Point, with sweeping views of the South Atlantic Ocean, is one of them. 

Another option is Fish Hoek, which has public beaches with picturesque rock formations jutting out of the water. Stunning and colonial architecture Cape Town has a long history, dating back to the 13th century.


On any given evening, the Westin Cape Town at the foot of Table Mountain is packed with smart, moneyed guests, including architects, artists, and chief executives who enjoy an 18th-century building and colonial-style decor with the best views. 

For evening entertainment, book a table at the rooftop Italian restaurant. The choice is remarkable: among the signature, plates are slow-cooked rabbit ragu in Pomodoro and tuna tataki with cauliflower and black garlic. 

On Fridays and Saturdays, order a wine flight. Guests relax on the patio outside. The Westin Cape Town hotel in Cape Town, South Africa. Hotel: 

The Westin Cape Town at the foot of Table Mountain Where: 331 Long Street, Cape Town, South Africa When: 800 AM–10 PM daily Website:


Cape Town is the second-largest city in South Africa, after Johannesburg. It has a population of around 3.2 million people and is the cultural, commercial, industrial, and financial centre of the Western Cape. 

The city lies directly on the Atlantic Ocean and has ocean views from many of its attractions and parks. It offers a unique combination of history, international flair, and picturesque beauty. 

In all the major tourist centres of the world, visitors might find a small element of irreverence, the kind of humour that tells it like it is. That's certainly true of Cape Town. 

What makes it different is that it's not trying to be "normal.

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