Travel Writing: The Best Places to Visit in Greece

Travel Writing: The Best Places to Visit in Greece

 Travel Writing: The Best Places to Visit in Greece

Travel Writing
Crete is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands, the 88th largest island in the world, and the fifth-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, after Sicily, Sardinia, Cyprus, and Corsica. It bounds the southern border of the Aegean Sea. 

Crete rests approximately 160 km south of the Greek mainland.

The History of Crete

The Ancient Kingdom of Creta lived in Crete, on the South Eastern Coast of the island, for over a thousand years. 

It was formed around the 12th century B.C. The Cretans started ruling the island in the 11th century BC and they ruled for 895 years until they were overthrown by the Greeks and conquered by the Persians, and then the Romans, and then the Arabs. 

Crete was finally liberated in 1460 AD. Crete achieved political and economic independence in 1881 AD and, in 1887, Crete’s population lived on an estimated 300,000 people and stood at more than 1,000,000. 

During the Middle Ages, Crete was a centre of Greek Christianity. Crete was also an important meeting place between the Greeks and the Saracens. However, after the Greco-Turkish War of 1897-1898, Crete suffered a harsh fate.

Culture and Language

Crete's history is rich and varied. It has been the location of many of the country's major historical battles and served as the capital of Crete and for many centuries was ruled by a powerful kingdom. 

Today Crete is the most ancient centre of Hellenistic culture, and the island's towns and villages are mostly Greek-speaking, although there are several dialects of Greek. 

Crete is a volcanic island and there is no historical record of how long ago the area was first settled. 

In its current form, the island was formed from fragments of many volcanic eruptions that spread ash and volcanic rock over the landscape and buried many of the island's inhabitants in deadly eruptions.

Geography and Climate

The island was formed from rocks eroded from the island of Mt. Ida, which forms the west coast of Sicily, and it is the northernmost member of the Ionian group of the Greek mainland. 

Crete has the greatest precipitation of any European country, with only the coldest and wettest parts of the island receiving less rain than other parts of the island. 

Topography With an area of 16,117 square km, the island is very rugged, ranging from an altitude of 600 meters in the north and up to 1600 meters in the south. 

The island is famous for the location of the land of the Gods, Mt. Parnassos, and has five vast and scenic mountain ranges: Rioni, Rhodope Mountains, Valtos Mountains, Almyros, and the Rethymno mountains.

Travel Tips for the Island

Although Crete can boast a tremendous number of sightseeing options, if you're starting to feel overwhelmed by your destinations, and wishing to catch the magic of the island at a reasonable pace, then read on. In this collection, 

I offer my guide to the "Best Places to Visit in Crete". Over the years, Crete has proven to be a warm place. 

Visitors, particularly from warmer climates such as Europe, have responded well to its climate. From hot weather, visitors may not expect a cool, clear climate, but such a climate exists on the island. 

So, no need to pack a jacket or even a sweater. In this way, you can look forward to the island's mild, dry, and sunny climate. It is a very pleasant place to visit.


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