Parenting skills 2021

Parenting skills 2021

Parenting skills 2021

The key to successful parenting, regardless of a child's age, is to keep the lines of communication open. 

Due to hormonal changes and a sense of impending adulthood, many teenagers adopt a 'know it all attitude. 

This attitude will grate on the nerves of most parents, but that does not provide the parent with a reason to shut down communication efforts.

Teenagers are emotionally vulnerable. On the brink of young adulthood, the teenage years are a time to explore values, belief systems, and goals. 

It is also a time when young men and women will begin to define their place in the world. Be proactive in your efforts to remain engaged in the life of your teenager. 

Ask questions that will prompt the flow of discussion. Try to avoid “closed questions.” These questions will typically elicit a succinct response. 

Do not ask, “How was your day?” Instead, broach this subject by asking, “What did you do today?”

Try to talk with your teenager honestly and frequently. Do not “talk to” your teenager. Remember that the conversation must create a flow of information between the parent and child.

Parents must also observe their teenagers. Teach your child how to hone their decision-making skills. 

Make sure that they understand the repercussions of any decisions that are made. Educate your child, if you have not done so already, on the negative effects of smoking, illicit drug use, and alcohol consumption.

You should also address sexual health, reproduction, and protection against sexually transmitted infections.

Although teenagers may complain a lot, do take the time to consider the causes of complaints or potential indicators of serious problems. For example, sudden changes in eating and sleeping patterns may underscore an underlying medical affliction. 

Substantial changes in disposition may indicate clinical depression or other forms of mental illness.

Your job, as a parent, is to prepare your teenager for adulthood. It is critical that you continue to promote an environment of unwavering love, respect, and trust. Remember that you are an amazing parent!

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