Over-stressing is a major problem that people are countering these days. It is due to their hectic lifestyle that the general time for sleep has reduced a lot. 

The amount of sleep has become inadequate and this has resulted in severe fatigue. And man is now confronting with several fatigue-related diseases. 

Thus to give the body its due is very important. Joint pains have been an ailment quite frequent to the overstressed people. 

Inadequate sleep has led to an excess burden on the joints and eventually making them weaker. This is the cause of the swelling of the joints leading to acute pain. 

Thus to avoid aches in the joints one should ensure that the body is getting its regular quota of sleep.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a new term coined for the syndrome that causes chronic fatigue to the body of human beings and remains so for a long time. 

If a man is suffering from chronic fatigue then the regular activities get restricted as that person finds it very hard to make movements and moreover the chronic fatigue generally leads to several other diseases that take their own toll on the body. 

Symptoms of chronic fatigue syndromes are mild fever staying there for a while, recurrent sore throats which cause immense pain in the throats. 

Then the muscles become weak and the elasticity of the body is restricted. 

The lymph nodes also become very painful. Headaches start recurring very frequently and there is a disturbance in sleep. And finally, the joints of the body start paining. 

Joint pain is actually a great symptom to diagnose if the person is suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.

Adequate sleep is necessary to not only maintain the physical health of a person but also to ensure his mental well-being. 

A person is considered healthy if he is in a good state of mind apart from being physically fit. On average, a normal human being should take 6-8 hours of sleep every day. 

The duration of the sleep can be altered according to the need of the hour which should be based upon the amount of work done. 

To combat joint pains along with various other diseases it is necessary to ensure an adequate amount of sleep.

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