Latest yoga poses

Latest yoga poses

Latest yoga poses

Yoga is practiced by millions of people all around the world because of the health benefits it offers to the body and the mind. 

Yoga refers to a set of exercises called asanas that you can do to make your body healthier, immune to diseases, and increase your mental stability as well. 

The asanas in yoga are also called postures or poses. There are different types of yoga poses categorized under different groups which are aimed at specific parts of the body. 

More than just stretching exercises, the yoga poses open up your energy levels, the chakras, and the psychic centers of your body. 

The different types of poses purify and strengthen the body and improve the focusing power of the mind.

Yoga also stresses the different types of breathing exercises along with poses and asanas as it believes that the perfect combination of the two will get maximum results. 

Let us discuss further each of the poses of yoga.

1) Seated Yoga Poses - Seating poses are best for students who have just begun to do yoga. They improve one's strength and flexibility. Sitting poses consist of sitting barefoot on the ground, normally cross-legged, and then doing palm and breathing exercises.

2) Standing Yoga Poses - Advanced beginners can now start doing standing poses. Standing poses require more strength and flexibility than sitting poses and pose a good challenge in the beginning. Standing poses consist of exercise for the arms, legs, back, and spine. 

The standing poses realign the spinal column and open the chest, thereby improving blood circulation and respiration. They encourage you to inhale deeply and then exhale and continue the process for a certain time period.

3) Supine Yoga Poses - These poses concentrate on the back and are a great way to end the yoga exercise. These types of postures help the back, release stress, and improve the flexibility of your body.

4) Belly Down Yoga Poses - In this case, you build your core body strength in the lower back and abs. belly down poses are simple for beginners but pose a lot of challenges in the case of advanced belly down poses.

5) Balancing Yoga Poses - Balances pose to improve the body's overall flexibility and balancing power and also improve memory and concentration. You have to keep your eyes focused in a single direction as that will get you optimum results.

6) Twisting Yoga Poses - Last but not least are the twisting poses. These poses help you to realign and lengthen the spinal column and also stretch and open the back muscles.

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