How To Keep Eyes Healthy

How To Keep Eyes Healthy

 How To Keep Eyes Healthy

1. Do not let the eyes have to work for too long:

You should sleep enough 7-8h per day, a 15-minute nap to rest his eyes, preparing for the next working period.

After each hour worked on the computer, so do not relax your eyes by looking at the computer screen, close your eyes or blink repeatedly.

2. Avoid eye damage:

You should not look directly at some places with bright light such as light soldering, glass casting furnaces, solar, and so on.

Computer, phone, television: You should not look at the computer, telephone or radio for too long. Especially when using the computer, sitting erect, facing directly with the screen, the screen center should cross the chest high, place the computer in areas with appropriate brightness, no glare, but also not too dark.

3. Take care of your eyes from the environment:

From 11am to 4pm is the period in which have the highest percentage of ultraviolet in sunlight. The most important measure to prevent the harmful effects of sunlight is sunglasses. To protect your eyes from sunlight, you should wear sunglasses when going out this period. Besides, for some occupations which have to work outdoors, people should bring an umbrella, work in the shade.

4. Use eye drops indiscriminately:

Should consult a doctor if long-term use.

Use 0.9% physiological saline to clean the eyes daily washing.

5. Exercise regularly for the eyes: 

Eyes need to relax after each hour worked on the computer or reading a book. Besides, people should look out for 5m to regulate the eye. You should massage every day to keep healthy eyes: use two hands rubbing against each other to heat up and then apply to eyes, stroking from the inside out, day by hand gently eyes, eye for eye health massage.

Can sliced cucumber slices, tomatoes expensive up eyes to the eye is more relaxed.

6. Ensure the brightness when working or reading:

Reading or working places have enough light, to correct the vision of, not too far or too close (between 30 – 40cm) do not use continuous eye, focused work after about 45 minutes so the eyes closed relaxing few minutes.

7. When sleeping:

Should limit the maximum light because light stimulates the visual cortex to create excitement causes sleeplessness.

Open windows for ventilation because sleep eyes need oxygen to “breathe”.

8. Diet helps protect eyes:

There are many kinds of food that good for the eyes which rich in vitamins A, C, E. For example, vegetables with red colors such as carrot, papaya, grapes.. and the type of animal liver, eggs, fish… people should eat this food every day to have healthy eyes.

9. Meet doctors:

If you have some eye problems such as blurred vision, eye pain, redness, photophobia look dazzling and so on, you may suffering from some disease. You should go to see the doctor as soon as possible.

Besides, you should go to the doctor to have an eyesight test every 6 months.

These are 9 tips to have healthy bright eyes.

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