Dandruff Treatment at Home

Dandruff Treatment at Home

 Dandruff Treatment at Home


Dandruff is a common problem in 50 % of people. White flakes and itchy scalp are symptoms of such a condition, but it can occur due to reasons like tingling skin and an itchy scalp. 

The underlying cause of dandruff could be a fungus thriving on the scalp. 

There are plenty of over-the-counter products for the treatment of dandruff shampoo for colour-treated hair best, even natural remedies could prove effective. 

Let us go through some of the natural remedies to get rid of dandruff

Tea tree oil

For a considerable period tea tree oil has been used to treat acne and psoriasis. As per inputs, tea tree oil is known to treat a special type of fungus causing dandruff. 

The symptoms of dandruff are expected to reduce at a considerable level with tea tree oil. Be aware that it can causes irritation to sensitive skin. 

Before applying it to the skin dilute a few drops of this oil.

Coconut oil

Popular for its multiple health benefits, coconut oil works out to be a natural remedy for treating dandruff. 

It prevents dryness improving skin hydration contributing to dandruff. 

Research shows that coconut oil can aid in the treatment of eczema the main reason contributing to dandruff. 

The application of coconut oil is expected to reduce the symptoms by nearly 68%.

Cut down on stress levels

Stress has a telling role in the physical and mental well-being of your health. To your mental health and even chronic conditions, it can have a considerable impact. 

Stress is not going to cause dandruff, but it can aggravate symptoms like itchiness and a dry scalp. 

If the immune system of the body is weak it resists the ability to ward off fungal infections and to combat the issues of stress opt for yoga, meditation, and even deep breathing.

Baking soda

Found in kitchens all over the world, baking soda is a timely and quick remedial measure to ward off dandruff. The dead cells are removed and at the same time reduce flaking. 

Being blessing with anti-fungal properties it has the ability to fight dandruff.

Omega 3 fatty acids

The role of omega 3 fatty acids is of paramount importance in the human body. 

They not only surround the cells but make up the cell membranes as well. The crucial function of the heart and immune system and even the lungs are important. 

For even skin healthy they are important. They also help reduce inflammation reducing the symptoms of dandruff.

Though the issue of dandruff can be a major issue, there are mechanisms by which you can cope with this problem the best dandruff shampoo for coloured-treated hair would be a perfect solution in this regard. 

As far as possible try to use natural remedies as it cuts down on the symptoms and provide relief.

Once you start spotting flakes, give a try to a few natural remedies. To increase their effectiveness use natural remedies with over-the-counter products.

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