Short English Story

Short English Story

Short English Story


On the bank of the river Godavari
There lived a farmer with his wife. He had two daughters who were married. One day, the farmer decided to go to his daughters' houses to know how they were living their lives. First, he went to his elder daughter's house. She had got married to a farmer.

The daughter felt very happy to see her father. She arranged for his bath and made him relax. Then, she cooked curry and rice for him. The farmer liked the meal. He ate to his heart's content.

He praised his daughter. He felt happy that his daughter was living happily. At night. the daughter spread a mat for his father to sleep. The father had a sound sleep.

The next morning, he goodbye to his daughter and returned to his home.

He said to his wife, "Our: daughter is very happy there. There is no need to worry" Next day, the farmer went to his younger daughter's house. She had been married to a rich man.

She also felt very happy to see her father. vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap; "Giving a toothpaste to her father, she said, " Father, take this toothpaste and brush your teeth." The farmer had never used toothpaste.

 He tasted some toothpaste and found it nice. Therefore, he ate all of it. As the result, he had an ft of hiccups. He got frustrated with that. Just then, the servant came to call him for dinner. 

 He was not willing but still went to the dinner table. The poor father didn't eat much Then the daughter asked her father to go to sleep. The farmer went into the bedroom and saw a nice bed with a velvet bedsheet.

We didn't like it. He lay on the floor the whole night, but could not sleep because of mosquitoes.

The next morning, he took leave from his daughter and rushed off to his house. He said to his wife, "God! Had I stayed there for one more day, I would have gone mad. I don't know how our daughter lives there," 

Moral: Get rid of ignorance.

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