Love, dating and privacy in India Unreported World

Love, dating and privacy in India Unreported World

Love, dating and privacy in India  Unreported World

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[Music] we're with a team of private detectives there outside an office in Central Delhi tracking a man whose wife suspects he's cheating on her it's a waiting game they've been on his tail for hours already [Music] then just after 10:00 p.m. he finally leaves his office so that's him yeah the detectives follow him to a restaurant our subject has just stopped to my to my right he's just getting some food they wait to see who he's meeting they're going to stick with him all night [Music] hundreds of new detective agencies are springing up across India in 

Delhi alone it's estimated the number has tripled in the last decade these private eyes say they're out to catch cheating partners but many of their methods aren't exactly scrupulous [Music] this is the Venus detective agency it's 10 a.m. and 15 agents are working on cases 15 others are on the streets gathering evidence [Music] thirty-three-year-old a critique a tree founded the agency six years ago now it has branches in five other cities across 

India they have dozens of active cases that Center on one thing love affair my husband is dating someone else, my wife is dating someone else so my girlfriend is dating my boyfriend is dating my gay partner is dating Akriti catches up on the latest cases coming in and decides which wants to take the average monthly wage is around 70 dollars but our clients are willing to pay upwards of $300 yeah be seen go to the haircutter care to snipe a nice no a second ahead oh yeah they basically decide if they've got the resources the time the money how much effort it will take well there's the case that they want to take on or not and this decision here what's gonna 

happen lives are changed here a critic says her growing caseload is partly down too many young Indians deciding to go online to find partners instead of relying on their families to arrange a marriage a new client has arrived in the office he doesn't want us to use his identity we'll call him to veer after engagement ballooning border region secret botany VA says his younger sister is engaged to a man she fell in love with online he's concerned about the relationship isn't what it seems new normal friends uncle meniscus Kirsten come down and take a job called looking for me Nico satisfaction coffee know what coffee was to very explain he doesn't 

know if his sister's fiance is faithful how much he earns or whether he's educated if this was a traditional arranged marriage he'd know all of that I have Misma Kukuda find out circadian Kahana take a simulator on Jetta Thank You missus we give life up cards on I have to say that some quite intense if the first case I've seen up close and personal and just the emotion and the frustration anger sadness was written on that guy's face is just it's hard to convey he was nearly in tears time to hit the streets as Akriti heads out to do some digging first up the address where the vid tells us his sister thinks her fiance lives so we've been driving for about half an 

an hour out of the office and this is very much a different part of town the roads very bumpy it's hard to get anywhere but we're close to where the subjects supposedly live it's run down a building of single rooms to rent I follow a Kriti with my phone on record so we're just doing inquiries Preeti's try to find out so much a ship again she charms the caretakers saying she's a friend of the man but can't remember his door number the address he gives her checks out accrete his first piece of evidence we know that he lives here we've confirmed this was the next step we need to follow and see we're doing he is going I mean is he picking up someone on the way or how he is going that's what we'll see through surveillance tomorrow day after the private detective 

agencies aren't regulated in India Akriti admits they're not always honest she and her the team often use fake identities and even bribe officials you can't do everything you know 100% ethical we need to do a lot many things which are not practical but don't you feel guilty why I'm just taking your information I'd rather enjoy doing that Akriti revels in her use of underhand tactics to get what she needs as I've been spending time with Akriti on cases I've tried to figure out exactly what is going on here what does the law say about all this and I can't come up with much I don't even know if what accrete is doing is legal or not so I've arranged to meet with 

a lawyer who I'm hoping can tell me more about it I got the GI our pal Gupta is a top lawyer specializing in privacy issues hi are you allowed following people survey people watch what they're doing track them in India, if you're just a normal citizen we don't have a clear legal definition on what is surveillance and what are people allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do so do you mean to say that there are no laws that govern what pice can and can't do yes that would be accurate yeah there are no laws which would define what P eyes can do because India is not done very well on privacy and surveillance it's becoming clear that people's private 

lives are fair game these detectives rarely worry about legal action back in the office there's another kind of backlash a man is demanding money from Akriti after she failed to provide the evidence that he wanted in a case I filmed their meeting on my phone [Music] [Music] so what was going on [Music] not every person who's coming to us as a good person so he's part of a gang or the local mafia local mafia would I have no idea if he's local mafia but he's not happy with her services for now Akriti still lives in a one-bedroom flat with her 

four-year-old son Irish her mum and dad lived there too she's separated from her husband and they're getting a divorce India has many female detectives but accrete he's proud to be one of the few who actually owns an agency her mom Suman still worries about the dangers of her daughter's job Romney Chaturthi yelling I'm RA Indian lower case also technically yes kill your mind change capital could you like a book basically article I'll tell you told lurking in case a big succumb, Garre because privacy laws are weak court cases to stop detective 

agencies using secret filming have failed the Venus detective agency often news it especially to gather evidence for divorce cases which are becoming more common acquitted team show me the latest footage from an active case the client wants to stay anonymous so we'll call her Anita so you guys have been surveilling for several days what have you gone into the place this is when you are following her equities team suspect this is the woman having an affair with the neatest husband they want more footage of the two of them together so we're 

joining the surveillance team as they head out for another day's work so it's about six o'clock in the morning you can tell because isn't it traffics out in tell you for once um we're on our way to the first rendezvous for the surveillance that we're doing today, I'm told the first rendezvous is where the man works we found the exact place to park we're far enough away but we can sort of see the car that we're going to be marking the investigators wait for hours were their secret cameras while we keep out of sight in our car it's nearly midday 

now it is hot it's sweltering it's about 33 degrees outside 41 inside the car I'm just gonna go and find out what's going on creating a cynical bokken to the investigators they said this is unusual he would usually go and see his girlfriend before work but obviously, something's come up today, and now we wait again then suddenly losing the cars getting ready to go turning ready turning around is turning around the detectives stick on Anita's husband's tail he could be meeting his mistress we're in a car we cannot keep up the investigators are both on 

bikes so they're able to kind of just in us finally found the subjects he's where the suspected other woman works afternoon the detectives film four hours later Akriti shows me all the video evidence they've now got underneath his husband's affair that's the woman yes that's not his wife no they're getting into the cards game the footage shows the couple out shopping driving around town meeting at her place of work and more than once shows him entering her home before Akriti breaks the news to Anita she wants to resolve the other case 

were following her client veer is still waiting to learn if the man his sister what's Amari after an online relationship is trustworthy Akriti and her team have five days to find that out but creatures find the location that's far enough away but close enough that we can just follow the the minute we see the subject we're outside his home again today she wants to check if he's told the truth about where he works he's on this tree he's a mystery behind us yes but you're confident he's coming this way because this is the exit [Music] wanted to be a valley ready the 

man gets on his motorbike and a creatine I tell him in her car Akriti sticks close to his bike alerts to anything that might seem out of the ordinary oh yeah I can see he's got his past he's going inside the building just as he said he works for a big IT the company we're adding a piece to the puzzle adding another color to the picture now we know where he lives how he travels and where he works the five days of surveillance is up Vee is nervous his sister's future depends on what a quits he's about to tell him this is the compiled report for the same it contains a CD of T photographs and videos along with the printout report thank you in your particular case we didn't found many things it's like no affair we had signed up for most importantly that he is not roaming 

around with any of the female attention witnesses say the family weekly sure it's enough affair he tells me the wedding set for next month that was good I've spent so many days following a crazy that I'm programmed to think the worst in people tend to hide behind avatars on social media and behind their keyboards you never know who anyone is so when you see a positive outcome like this one I mean his smile the weight that was lifted off his shoulders it's just it's quite unexpected [Music] so relief for Viers family but now a creature has to deliver bad news to her other client Anita about her husband's affair so you have assigned this case to find your 

husband whether he's roaming around with some other females or not and I don't have words to tell you that yes we found her without women and he is regularly visiting her almost every day sometimes he is taking her to the shop paying sometimes he is visiting her house I can see and each is in shock what will you do with this evidence well upset all my name is a phenomenal phenomenal desire for mayor Palais Mohammed only able to spare over the county s department, i was available [Music] I've seen how getting a result is what matters to a 

Kruti even if it sometimes means bending the rules but now I learned just how far she's prepared to go the Worsley Nikki Bartow feel good to win here there's a pair I'm invited to listen in on a counseling session something accrues he now offers two cheated women on top of her detective work this she says is Mrs. Sharma a scorned wife but Mrs. Sharma keeps forgetting her own name they realize I'm getting suspicious when they think the cameras are off they discuss getting their story straight I normally do see Subsystem it's clear evidence that this whole scene is a setup so who is this Mrs. Sharma I checked her out to see who she is 

and what she does and it turns out her name isn't Mrs. Sharma it's Mrs. Gupta and she has a Facebook account and she has actress credits to her name she has been in movies as an extra and there she is with her husband very happily together recently I asked to meet a creature away from her office did your company do Venus the do people pay for nitrates you know but why did you easily write did you use an actress why did you do this I agree I agree whatever you're saying is absolutely true but yes yesterday she was not necessarily I 

absolutely situation is awkward right it turns out a real client had pulled out of our filming so Akriti always desperate to get results booked an actress Akriti thinks that she can getaway with anything because the law in India allows her to go away was quite a bit with this kind of unchecked power, she doesn't know where the line is [Music] there are signs of a backlash against the tactics some detective agencies use there are increasing calls for them to be regulated and this year a female detective who's one of the crew teased rivals was arrested 

accused of bribing police officers to get phone records but the revolution in how young Indians date marry and divorce means the number of India's private detectives whatever methods they use is certain to keep growing thanks for watching click the logo to subscribe for more award-winning documentaries from the unreported world team, we upload videos every Sunday keeping you up to date with content from all over the world [Music]

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