LET'S TRAVEL NEW YORK: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

LET'S TRAVEL NEW YORK: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

LET'S TRAVEL NEW YORK: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!


let's travel new york

[Music] and hereby I welcome you to a new video and this the time I flew over the big pond especially for you who are from here in new york the big apple became a great legacy in german we are here at Rockefeller the center where we are on our tour start through the city and have a lot on the plan what you want to show yourself now and this is the intrepid 

intrepid difficult word interpreter, as well as an aircraft carrier, informed without planes there we go in now, the museum in the middle of the city is very, very good and there are special exhibits an airplane and a space shuttle I know I will show you now [music] and here the showpiece is the enterprise and when is the enterprise with käpt'n book but perhaps nobody really knows the space shuttle enterprise because this was never in space it was just built to test the atmospheric flight so it is taken like this clothing that is one of the few museums that one into the Concorde is like I sit here in concord the way you used to sit there is still no 

television the only thing you had as entertainment you could see how fast you fly and that was about 2 at the time, makes a little more than 2,000 km h or it works and you could sip a glass of champagne that would have been exactly my thing [music] I can't even get up inside sometimes an incredible number of switches and buttons to press three people flew the plane back then [music] [Music] if we are fed up with the roar of the city then you just come to central Asia world famous it is huge in the middle of the state is nice quiet nicer you can sit 

the boot house lud high rise lives and you can eat in it the racing driver Sebastian lück But you can also, drink cold beer and on a hot day it is quite good I am very amused while boating high Les Cayes so if your legs can no longer carry you then you can take a rickshaw and let yourself be driven through the park. Half an hour costs about 100 dollars it is not really cheap but today it is warm and after all that we didn't feel like walking any more here 

a little castle then we hope that we can learn again somewhere to the next taxi stand commune again [music] so and behind me is the little belvedere castle that used to be the king of new york lived because we all know him to peter Staub in the sand, who also just founded the company, who lived here before all the skyscrapers were built then moved [music] so behind me is now in manhattan's guardian angel so to speak batman [music] so it's just the section and is good so potent Chinese food mainly lives everything I have experienced so decided the f rei hit with great pain but i don't even have to say the taste is 

good but the pain that basically speaks about the food and the sharpness [music] had pain in the mouth consequently it makes us build so we should come here once-great I link you here it invented [music] [music] far away from times square is gulliver skate and that's a miniature world and I think there is also an airport here in Hamburg we discovered each other by chance because it's raining today and there is a good an alternative to do something inside so it is so everything is interactive you have this key and then you put in here so you 

turn and then it starts it burns it burns now if it is right and that needs so and now you have to see that the fire brigade is coming that is even a german fire engine what comes here [music] but that it is nice [music] and here at the end of the gate you need about one hour and a half hour to see the whole world different parts of the world but at the very end you get out of here in new york and exactly in new york we go in 2000 so that's just the tip of 

the iceberg god from empire state the building is recommended such VIP tickets you don't have to wait you can get up straight away before a summer of 1000 or more people that is 86 floors made famous outside by the movie sleepless in Seattle with the stallion and up here there is still a station for balloons in the spaceport, we should actually moor airships earlier 

Hindenburg, luckily they didn't put the antenna above me that's about 300 meters and have a wonderful view of new york that was beautiful today it doesn't rain [music] and here we are at the memorial of September 11th, 2001 I think I do not have to explain what is happening here that surely everyone here knows all the names of the people who died in the process that a 3000 well.

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