Let's Travel Mauritius and Dodo Hunting in Paradise

Let's Travel Mauritius and Dodo Hunting in Paradise

Let's Travel Mauritius and Dodo Hunting in Paradise


let's travel mauritius

[Music] this time I greet you here from Mauritius or as they call it here till the movies completely new destination for me let's check it out [Music] the middle of the island you find a botanical garden which features this little technology cost French - it used to be the house of the nation's father and I guess a lot of serious dodo hunting and dodo eating what's going on in there [Music] like I said before about Botanical Gardens your wife wants to see it you better go and see it if not let's keep it [Music] on the west the coast of the country you find that little capital which is Fort Lewis there are about five to ten restaurants two museums and about two shopping centers

 but I'm here to see the blue Mauritius stamp [Music] one of the most famous things to see a Mauritius is the blue Mauritius stamp it's a blue penny Museum which is closed now I was the last customer for today and since we had to see it so quickly they let me in for free and even switch the light on it only comes on six times a day because it cannot be exposed to much light and I've now officially seen to Mauritius I cannot show you that on camera because it's not a rental car and transformed ourselves south of the island we're currently at 

Grand Bazaar I have to watch out a little bit I didn't want to film inside because inside was kind of a sacred Hindu site where people are praying and do a lot of blessings and that's one of the biggest Shiva statues in the world I said I didn't really want to film inside because I don't want to upset anybody but great tourist visits possible [Music] so this is what to do on Mauritius and I believe that's what most of the people here do this is how they eat all the Dodos and they printed false stamps they had too much of rum so

 I have now here's something a little bit better than X oh and Daniel was the XO kind of and that is the rum it smells actually like a cognac a little bit afraid of the bill later on but let's try it's the best or nothing [Music] yeah of this tree could buy one or two photos I guess I can taste the what did he say oak and vanilla so let's come to the ten-year-old more than 600 euros a bottle but you not I have that for breakfast [Music] very interesting I like rum I never tasted a room like this actually,

it has a really strong corner character by the way we are Chama-girl I nearly forgot to mention that so we have this one beautiful bottles please Mrs. camera film the bottle says national rum institute in the south of the island a recommendation by myself [Music] [Music] so we went to the Somervell waterfall and this time I can tell you how high it is it's exactly 100 meters and in my opinion, it looks better on the picture than in real life we are nowhere at the window of the seven colors oh there are two ways that you can see all the 

colors when number one is you need a love of the imagination way number two is you drink a lot of beer probably then we see more than seven colors if you do that Phoenix is a local beer as well and I look at is nice [Music] [Music] [Music] the island there is this big rock the moon is basically just a small copy of Table Mountain and here is where all the slaves at the time were so upset with their lives and they came here climbed the mountain and that was 

my little trip over the island of Mauritius I've never been here before so another country on my list is done where I go next I don't know yet as always but of course, stay tuned you will find out shortly I also want to try to have my videos a little bit more frequently so then see you next time [Music] [Music] [Applause]

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