Everything You Wanted to Know About HONGKONG and Were Too Embarrassed to Ask

Everything You Wanted to Know About HONGKONG and Were Too Embarrassed to Ask

Everything You Wanted to Know About HONGKONG and Were Too Embarrassed to Ask


Everything You Wanted to Know About HONGKONG

Hello come we are as meters of Asia and behind me the city and to come has to walk if you go through the streets very good for shopping it should do it if you just get bored with the municipal two of the dollar to around 20 cents already ten minutes right we are now going so well that maybe behind us they say they eat well and maybe one or the other very colorful romping so may come behind me but you want to exhibit right after 

so and bring the whole city under supervision we have to show we have a map of how things are going when you use the escalator get the artists described turkey now to read the book here you actually come here to eat I now have a book Chinese compete now something else must go on you can make the move and be so big but the only the thing to stop it is to go down to the actual mona location abbe a restaurant from the districts of 

Brussels eats today she swims a kind of mainly so and now we are happy out here on the ship behind me the many nice guests from china we make a little strength we are now interested looks interesting what must actually only eat ice cream because I mean if you have to in the end and so that's cool the food points are happy yes that didn't really suit me at the time, maybe this time not yet just preferred the next restaurant Rather, 

had at the tournament in the jumbo could have tasted a bit of luck back then today we have decided to go to school sports and luckily we have beautiful weather wonderful sunshine in hong kong it is just third, by the way, encounter the amusement parks when it rains because you don't have to queue for the traditional others will sleep today because it would be with Winstons of the wi nd the marathon why because it's going to start 2 watch out you never know if you don't have what's going on then in the evening in the restaurant on the plate to 

get to the actual point you have to take this fun cable car in front of you now you can see what I had so much I had then you could open the window now or want a second computer if you don't see the roller coaster nancy Mr raiser, so we still have our hair on the mountains horny bad Matze head shaken so much I think now we'll do it first it was a walk around our tourist places that it stops raining the whole country in the top sport I had a lot of those looking for peace that should come here once called Stanley is a small suburb of Hongkong can do more you can see the boats with numbers smaller than said is really so calm from all the feelings in the city that 

is now the entrance to the 10,000 mother monastery, the strangest toilet the entrance I have ever seen somewhere in the backyard, I hope now to know what actually in Hongkong there are a lot of snakes and six years ago I was almost dead from the snake we are always afraid to walk such paths because then you have to hide for a long time now still have to climb the whole mountain to the monastery then we will hopefully have an illumination above the mother the way up fortunately rains 20 after what felt like ten million steps we have now 

arrived at the entrance to the monastery is the actual entrance where I then read that it is not allowed to film inside it is just a shame but it still gets secretly b in that was our tour in the raft at the beginning a bit of film but also in all of them you weren't allowed to have that also doesn't have to be we held on today I hope he found it anyway for here in the monastery 10,000 or and here we are now shut up today you hold your breath for the 

ultimate climb in Paris because it can pass a food stall he has done properly becker time period stop now the whole corner smells like that through the piece further since Monday there is of course a till we don't know that there will be no cats borders on the map there is a Croatia you should definitely the man rose what if you get prepared directly in front of his presses the franc could of course sell right in front of my eyes this creates some 

happy photo Tim k happy day the day we decided Nico to drive rapid have a wonderful view of the city let's go further now we are on the victoria peak about 420 meters high the skyline today is a bit over it we are glad that we still have a whole week today you follow here with an empty period this time from the colonial times, the colonial rulers used to live up here and the residents of the city themselves were allowed to Erich.

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